I wonder

So this past week I was doing a craft fair and the business was not good.  But the thing that amazed me was that the few pieces that did sell where very simple ones.  I like all others who make handcrafted jewerly look at each others sites, looking for what is out there, in new trends, new ideas and yes even a little inpriration.  I am not one to copy but if I see something some times it may spark a new idea.  But back to my thoughts on what people are buying.  Could it be that in the effort to make sales we have become to out there in the designs?  Creating  jewelry is only one of the things that I do I manage a small scrapbooking store in my small town, and I see this trend in that medium also, just because there are all these wonderful things to use on our pages does that mean they all need to be on the same page.  I love to get the scrapbooking magazines, they always have the latest ideas, but I am seeing less and less pictures on the pages being created.  I thing we need to get back to less is more and remember just what we are scrapbooking for.  And this is going to be my “new” idea for my creations simple and elegant.


New contest


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Debs newest creations

Fresh and newThis beautiful handcrafted bracelet is made with Grossularite Garnet and Freshwater pearls, rose quartz, amethyst, purple jasper, pink chalcedony, swarovski crystals and sterling silver.  Deb you have outdone yourself this time, congrats.

Amethyst—- Is the stone of transformation.

Jasper—- Is associated with relaxation, contentment, compassion, nurturing, consolation,

Rose quartz—- Is known as the love stone, opening your heart and encouraging you
to be tender, peaceful and gentle.

Pearls—- Promote sincerity, truth and loyalty, Enables one to accept love see the good
parts of oneself people and objects, increases sense of self worth.

We have new things in the planning, We will soon be hosting online parties, well actually you will be the hostess and this will be the most simple party you have ever hosted.  Just email out your invites and follow up with a reminder email close your party and do your own shopping with your credits.  We mail the orders out you don’t have to worry about deliveries.  How simple is that.  The hostess gifts will be great and well I won’t give away anymore details till we launch our whole party plan.  So keep checking in, so you can be the first to hostess a Totally Delightful party of your own.



I can’t believe we are already into the second month of the new year.  So you know what that means new month new contest.  This month is a pair of amethyst earrings,  So make sure you enter soon, and pass on the info to all you know.





This bracelet can be found at www.totaldelights.com it is made with Garnets and freshwater pearls, sterling silver

 January Birthstone : Garnet

Birthstone Color: Deep Red

 One glance at the deep red seeds nestled inside of a pomegranate fruit explains why the word “garnet” comes from the Latin word “granatus,” meaning “grain” or “seed.”  This name was given to the garnet because of its close resemblance to the succulent pomegranate seed.  But don’t bite into a garnet, because at Moh’s hardness 6.5 to 7.5, it will definitely damage the teeth! 

There are many myths and legends surrounding the garnet.  One Biblical legend is that Noah hung this gem on the ark to light his way through the dark and stormy nights of God’s wrath.  A Greek myth linked to the garnet is the story of the young goddess of sunshine, Persephone, who was abducted by Hades, god of the underworld. Hades eventually released Persephone, but not before he offered her some pomegranate seeds, which guaranteed her return to him. 

First mined in Sri Lanka over 2,500 years ago, the garnet is also found in Africa, Australia, India, Russia, South America; and in the United States, in Arizona and Idaho.  Although most commonly known as a red gemstone, the garnet comes in a variety of other hues, including muted yellows, vibrant oranges, rosy pinks, lime greens, and violets—a virtual bouquet of colors.  This diversity is due to unique combinations of elements within each particular gem, such as iron, calcium, and manganese.  

Archaeologist findings of primitive style garnet jewelry among the graves of lake dwellers dates the early use of this gemstone to the Bronze age.  But not all garnet is of gem quality.   It is also a very effective abrasive and is used commercially for grinding and polishing.  Garnet coated sandpaper is one such industrial use.  

The garnet continues to be the protective gem of journeyers. A gift of garnet is thought to be symbolic of love and the desire for a loved one’s safe travel and speedy homecoming.  It is January’s birthstone, but far from being only a winter gem, the garnet, with its brilliance and multitude of colors, is truly one for any season.