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I wonder

So this past week I was doing a craft fair and the business was not good.  But the thing that amazed me was that the few pieces that did sell where very simple ones.  I like all others who make handcrafted jewerly look at each others sites, looking for what is out there, in new trends, new ideas and yes even a little inpriration.  I am not one to copy but if I see something some times it may spark a new idea.  But back to my thoughts on what people are buying.  Could it be that in the effort to make sales we have become to out there in the designs?  Creating  jewelry is only one of the things that I do I manage a small scrapbooking store in my small town, and I see this trend in that medium also, just because there are all these wonderful things to use on our pages does that mean they all need to be on the same page.  I love to get the scrapbooking magazines, they always have the latest ideas, but I am seeing less and less pictures on the pages being created.  I thing we need to get back to less is more and remember just what we are scrapbooking for.  And this is going to be my “new” idea for my creations simple and elegant.


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