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so this new year is bringing many new changes to Total Delights, Deb And I are going to add some great new handcrafted gift items.  And we will be introducing some new lines to our site.  We are so excited about these changes.

Ok so we are not just into handcrafted jewelry we have tryed our hand at just about all kinds of handcrafted things, lets see handmade soap, candles, scrapbooking, cardmaking, painting wood.  You name it we have tryed it.  And some of these things you will be seeing on our site.  So make sure that you check in offen to keep up on the many changes happening here.


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Congrats to Bettye Short  our latest winner.




The new contest will be posted on Jan 1st  make sure you check in and enter

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So were did the month of November go I can’t believe that this year is soon coming to end.  The new year will bring lots of changes and new adventures for us at Total Delights.  We are going to be designing some exclusive handcrafted jewelry pieces for a new company and possibly more great things happening for Deb and I.   I have yet to find the contest earrings but I am still looking ( note to self moving 10 people across 4 states is a crazy thing)  But don’t worry I still have all the names of those who entered and I will get things found or make new ones.

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There are many ways to care for your Sterling silver jewelry, One of the most simple is to place your pieces in zip lock bags with a small piece of white chalk, this will keep the moisture down and minimize your need to polish your pieces. If your pieces do tarnish then cleaning with a special treated cloth is all you need to do. In those rare cases you may need to use other means I posted a option a few posts ago that works well. The best thing to do is to prevent the tarnish, use the chalk and baggies. Then the cleaning will stay a minimum. For other care info see our website.

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Sounds crazy I know but this week is going to be one for the record books, First thing is that my father-in-law passed away and his furneral is thursday. And Besides trying to make sure that everyones best clothes are clean, there is making sure the house is clean and able to be shown while we are gone. There are orders to fill, I am very grateful for the work to keep me busy. My husband seems to be handling things well but then reality hasen’t set in yet that will be thursday. But for now I am keeping busy and that is the best thing I can do right now.

One of the things I did today was to make a dragonfly bracelet that was ordered, Strange how things work sometimes I should be making these for the family. But it is something that I don’t feel inspired to do right now, so maybe it is best left for a few weeks down the road. If you aren’t aware of the dragonfly/waterbug story then check it out on my website. http://www.totaldelights.com/Waterbug.html

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We have something great and new at Total Delights Support Jewelry these pieces, have been created to give that extra support. Some may need the help with not smoking, or any other thing that you might be struggling with.

The first bracelet is made with Blue lace agate and freshwater pearls, swarovski crystals, sterling silver
Blue lace agate creates hope, harmony and positive thinking, calming ,and is an uplifting stone
pearls are also known for health and inner peace.

The second is made with Autumn jasper which is said to protect from negative energy and freshwater pearls for health and inner peace.

the third is made from smoky quartz, freshwater pearls, swarovski crystals, sterling silver
smoky quartz Is nature’s stone of endurance, fostering serenity, calmness, and positive thoughts. Then again I used my favorite freshwater pearls for the health and inner peace. The pearls in this bracelet are nuggets and faceted pearls.
you can find these at http://www.totaldelights.com/support.html

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The new items just posted are made with some great gemstones,  The first one is made with glamous jasper and is handwired.  This is my favorite way to create jewelry.  I love knowing that the piece is secure instead of just a loop of wire there is a very safe and secure connection.  This stone is new to us and is becoming one of my favorites is has soft tones and blends wonderfully with the freshwater pearls in a golden sand color.  One of the other new necklaces is made with Ruby zolite.  This stone is said to make changes of negative to postive and will boost your physical energy.  This stone is beautiful the Ruby veining is of a dark red color and blends beautiful with the zolite green.  This is a very unique one most of the ruby zolite is brighter green but this stone is deep and wonderful.   Come and visit us at Total Delights





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