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The new items just posted are made with some great gemstones,  The first one is made with glamous jasper and is handwired.  This is my favorite way to create jewelry.  I love knowing that the piece is secure instead of just a loop of wire there is a very safe and secure connection.  This stone is new to us and is becoming one of my favorites is has soft tones and blends wonderfully with the freshwater pearls in a golden sand color.  One of the other new necklaces is made with Ruby zolite.  This stone is said to make changes of negative to postive and will boost your physical energy.  This stone is beautiful the Ruby veining is of a dark red color and blends beautiful with the zolite green.  This is a very unique one most of the ruby zolite is brighter green but this stone is deep and wonderful.   Come and visit us at Total Delights






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