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The days are getting so full of packing boxes, sorting out the good from the what was I thinking. You know all those things that at the time seemed to make sense. But now I have to look at things with a different perpective. Moving is a big job, much less moving half way across the country. So I find that I am having to juggle my time, home, website, family and then everything else that no one wants to do is of course mom’s job. The funny thing is that in this cleaning and organizing I have found, or refound some great beads and all I want to do is to create. But I have to be pratical and finish the house so that we can get it on the market. Then I will find some time to do something wonderful with those. But thank goodness that Debbie is still hard at work. Her latest creation is made with unakite a favorite stone of mine. My mother in her last few months with us. Was spent in a assisted living home. And those that took care of her, were so wonderful and caring. So for christmas that year I made all of the staff gifts made with unakite. Bracelets for the women and keychains for the men. This stone’s meaning is uncondtional love of humanity. Those who care for the elderly have this wonderful traite. So you see this stone has a very special place in my heart. You will find this handcrafted necklace at www.totaldelights.com


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