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It seems like forever since I have added to this blog The move to Missouri has taken the wind out of me and I feel like I am just starting to get my bearings again.  So sorry it has taken so long to get things going again, truth be know I am still living with boxes everywhere.  But that will just take time.  I will be posting the winner for the ( lets see Sept contest) within the week and posting a new item. I believe it is time for a bracelet. Or if the spirit moves me maybe a necklace.


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I can’t believe that the month of June is almost over, where did the time go. So you all need to enter in the contest. I have been thinking about what to create for July’s contest, Ruby is the birthstone for July. So Ihave to decide if I want to use real rubies or maybe swarovski crystals in the ruby color. So if you have any thoughts please either post there or email me. doubledee@totaldelights.com Guess you will just have to check back in to see what I decide to do.
or check the website contest page www.totaldelights.com/contest

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