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Handcrafted Jewelry which to choose, Simple loop – wrapped loop

When shopping for jewelry one of the key things to look for is the way the loops are made. The loop with the blue background is a simple loop the one to the right  a wrapped loop. The wrapped loop is the way that I prefer to make jewelry. This loop makes the piece more secure and there is very little chance of lost pieces. This method takes longer to complete a item. And more supplies. So these pieces will cost more, but it is well worth the difference in cost. Your child will not be able to pull on your necklace and have it come apart. The simple act of brushing your hair can pull apart a simple loop. So when looking for that perfect piece of handcrafted jewelry remember that chosing by color is important, style, stone, or crystal. These are all factors in your choice. But by far the most important one is the way it is put together. After all you want to have that perfect necklace, around for years to come. Come visit us at www.totaldelights.com to find your perfect handwrapped jewelry.


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